Hello, I’m Natalie Burkey and I’m a senior at OSU majoring in Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife. I have always had an interest in the natural world and decided to return to college to pursue my passion studying wildlife and ecosystems.

I am so excited for all the I have yet to learn about native plants in Ohio and I currently work as a research assistant on a forest bird foraging study in several local urban parks. The above is image is from one of the study sites, Rush Run, a site I particularly enjoy getting lost in!

In my “spare” time I am a mom to my 3 year old son Vireo, a stand-up comedian, and I work as a lab animal surgical tech here at OSU. So, yes I am very busy! I am working on my application for grad school at OSU’s SENR and I hope to continue my education after I graduate this fall.